Portable bathrooms and showers are self-contained, mobile facilities designed to provide sanitation and hygiene solutions in locations where traditional plumbing infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient. These units typically include toilets, sinks, and showers and are commonly used at outdoor events, construction sites, campgrounds, disaster relief areas, and other remote or temporary settings. Portable bathrooms and showers are equipped with water tanks and waste storage to offer essential amenities for users, promoting hygiene and convenience in areas lacking permanent restroom facilities.

Lunar Moon Portable Washroom Trailers

Towable commercial grade washroom units designed for any application, including shower and laundry equipped floorplans. Wheelchair accessible solutions available.

Lunar Moon Portable Shower Trailers

Commercial grade shower units that can be towed from location to location for multiple applications. Choose from a variety of combinations including toilets, locker rooms and laundry. Custom and wheelchair accessible solutions can be built to your exact needs.

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