Washroom and Shower units designed for a variety of industry needs

Innovative solutions for mobile washroom and shower units

General Coach Canada has taken it’s 70 years of experience in the RV Industry and embarked on a new product line. Introducing the Crescent Moon Collection, a variety of floor plans specializing in towable Washroom and Shower facilities. Whether looking for Emergency Response, Event Center, Wedding Venue, Hospital or Municipalities, the applications are endless and we have the solution.

Crescent Moon Washroom

Towable commercial grade washroom units designed for any application, including shower and laundry equipped floorplans. Wheelchair accessible solutions available.

Crescent Moon Shower

Commercial grade shower units that can be towed from location to location for multiple applications. Choose from a variety of combinations including toilets, locker rooms and laundry. Custom and wheelchair accessible solutions can be built to your exact needs.

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